FTP Request

1st of all we always offer clients to give us the job via register panel after sign up. This is the most secure way to job transfer. If anybody has any restriction or any technical problem to send job via the sign inpanel in that case we offer FTP server is the alternative choice. When the client applies for FTP account information by email or Quick query, CPH Graphics Media will be back by e-mail with the FTP User Name, Password and other related information. This information is personalized, highly confidential and will be shared by the client and the CPH Graphics Media high level authority only.

Thereafter, the Filezilla software is downloaded for Windows user, or Fetch Soft works when MAC is used, and then the FTP address, password, and username are entered that are provided in the email. For further information contact at info(at)clippingpathphoto.com

For more clarify about Filezilla FTP upload / download software anyone can see the details tutorial from the below mention link and also download the free software for windows or mac


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